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Transport New York

Join the NY transport system and learn about the best options to move with efficiency.

Transport - New York
Transport - New York
Transport - New York
Transport - New York

New York City is a busy metropolis where millions of people move around every day, making the traffic to be heavy and complex. But luckily there are plenty of different public transport options that make it possible to get anywhere you want.

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Arriving New York from abroad:

Most of the visitors that get to New York City arrive by plane. The three main gateways are:

•    JFK Airport, which is located in Queens, it’s the place where international flights arrive. Since this is a huge airport with different terminals for both international and local flights, it has two internal bus lines to move within the airport and up to the closest metro station.
•    La Guardia Airport receives most of the domestic flights and it is also in Queens.
•    Newark Airport is actually in the State of New Jersey, but due to its proximity plenty of passengers from international and domestic flights arrive here to stay in New York.

If you are coming from Canada, another way of reaching New York is by train, since Amtrak has direct routes from main Canadian cities to the US.

Moving Around New York:

Once in New York City there are several ways of public transport. The convenience of using one or the other depends if you are just moving within Manhattan or around the five boroughs.

Metro (Subway): It is the fastest way to move around Manhattan since you can be at the other extreme of the island in a few minutes. There are two kinds of trains, local ones with stops in all stations and express ones which stop only on the main stations. Some of its lines cross out of Manhattan and into the other five boroughs. Even though they operate 24 hours, it might be dangerous to take the subway during the night. Download the New York Subway Map.

Bus: There are more than 200 routes around the five boroughs which operate 24/7. To travel, passenger can either use the same card used for the metro (Metro Card) or have the exact amount in coins for the ticket. The daily frequencies are about 10 minutes and night frequencies can get up to 45 minutes. Information about routes and timetables could be found on each bus stop. Download the New York Bus Map.

Taxi: The legally authorized by New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission are yellow with a light sign on top that indicates whether it is busy or not. To get one just hold your hand up and make the driver a sign. They are not much expensive but the fare is increased between 8pm and 6am. Another option are the “Car Services” which can not be taken in the street, they only pick passengers who have called their central station.
Other transportation means that are not as much used as the previous ones but very picturesque are: Water Taxi (a ferry along the Hudson that covers downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn), Horse Carriages (in Central Park only) and Bicycle (there are taxi bikes for rental). Download the New York Bike Map.

For more information about transport and living in New York, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.


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