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Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

Join the fantastic religious and architectonic landmark, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine - NY
Cathedral of Saint John the Divine - NY
Cathedral of Saint John the Divine - NY
Cathedral of Saint John the Divine - NY

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is the Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of New York. Located in the Amsterdam Avenue of Manhattan, it attracts thousands of people everyday, meeting by far the original mission under which it was conceived.

On December 27th of 1892, Bishop Potter laid the corner stone planning to build “a house of prayer for all nations”. It took 49 years for the Nave to be ready and opened to the public. The Cathedral works were suspended during WWII, and due to other economic or social needs, they could just be re taken in 1972. The Cathedral is not completely finished yet, and that is why it has gained the nickname of Saint John the Incomplete.
Taller than the Statue of Liberty and with a Nave that is over two football fields long, Saint John the Divine is the world’s largest cathedral. Its colossal construction with a Gothic and Romanesque style and its both stained glass windows and beautiful gardens, makes the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine one of the architectural jewels of New York.

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