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Spanish Restaurants NY

Agua Azul

Dir: Brooklyn · 744 Myrtle Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-852-8014


Dir:Brooklyn · 296 Grand Street
New York
Tel: 718-384-7770

Cibao Restaurant

Dir:Brooklyn · 1542 Gates Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-456-5123

Claribel Deli-restaurant

Dir: Brooklyn · 128 Wyckoff Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-456-7696

El Castillo De Jagua Restaurant

Dir: Brooklyn · 1218 Liberty Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-235-4330

El Cofre Restaurant

Dir: Brooklyn · 454 Myrtle Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-935-1216

El Ensueño Restaurant & Bar

Dir: Brooklyn · 98 Wyckoff Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-366-7428

El Nuevo Canario

Dir: Brooklyn · 1062 Broadway
New York
Tel: 718-602-0006

Acogedor Cibao Restaurant

Dir: 1298 Westchester Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-328-6956

Benny Restaurant

Dir: 662 East 233rd Street
New York
Tel: 718-653-9023

Caridad Restaurant

Dir: 51 East 170th Street
New York
Tel: 718-681-0003

Despertar Restaurant

Dir: 920 East 174th Street
New York
Tel: 718-861-2238

El Nuevo Bohio Restaurant

Dir: 791 East Tremont Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-299-4218

La Calidad Express Restaurant

Dir: 105-9 East Mount Eden Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-901-2323

La Estrella Bar & Restaurant

Dir: 1470 Jerome Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-293-9789

La Sabrosura Restaurant

Dir: 25 East 170th Street
New York
Tel: 718-293-7891


Dir: 406 East 73rd Street
New York
Tel: 212-737-7659

Cafe Espanol

Dir: 172 Bleecker Street
New York
Tel: 212-505-0657

Euzkadi Restaurant

Dir: 108 East Fourth Street
New York
Tel: 212-982-9788

Flor de Sol Restaurant

Dir: 361 Greenwich Street
New York
Tel: 212-366-1640


Dir: 57 Greenwich Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-691-0057


Dir: 38 East 19th Street
New York
Tel: 212-677-2233

Esperanto Restaurant

Dir: 145 Avenue C
New York
Tel: 212-505-6559


Dir: Manhattan · 64 West 10th Street
New York
Tel:  212-505-7777

Askew Restaurant & Bar

Dir: 504 LaGuardia Place
New York
Tel: 212-529-3560


Dir: Manhattan · 239 East 5th Street
New York
Tel: 212-979-1012

Meson Los Espanoles

Dir: White Plains · 135 E. Post Rd
New York
Tel: 914-428-8445


Dir: Larchmont · 147 Larchmont Ave
New York
Tel: 914-833-1331

El Paladar Restaurant

Dir: Yonkers · 272 Riverdale Avenue
New York
Tel: 914-963-9098

Max Restaurant

Dir: Yonkers · 96 Elm Street
New York
Tel: 914-966-1912

Panchito's Broadway Cafe

Dir: Yonkers · 285 South Broadway
New York
Tel: 914-423-5006


Dir: 77 Warren Street
New York
Tel: 212-284-0577

Bubble Lounge

Dir: 228 West Broadway
New York
Tel: 212-431-3433

Core One Nine One

Dir: 191 Orchard Street
New York
Tel: 212-228-9888

Cuba Cafe

Dir: 200 8th Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-633-1570

Il Buco Restaurant

Dir: 47 Bond Street
New York
Tel: 212-533-1932

El Cid

Dir: 322 West 15 Street
New York
Tel: 212-929-9332

Boqueria Restaurant

Dir:  53 West 19th Street
New York
Tel: 212-255-4160


Dir: 344 Bowery
New York
Tel: 212-979-6606


Dir: 109 Ludlow Street
New York
Tel: 212-982-5714


Dir: 342 East 46th Street
New York
Tel: 212-370-1866


Dir: 216 East 53rd Street
New York
Tel: 212-644-1166


Dir: 303 East 56th Street
New York
Tel: 212-759-8767

La Rosita

Dir: 2809 Broadway
New York
Tel: 212-663-7804

Marichu Restaurant & Tapas Bar

Dir: 342 East 46 Street
New York
Tel: 212-371866


Dir: 365 Park Avenue South
New York
Tel: 212-532-8300

Bolo Restaurant & Bar

Dir: 23 East 22nd Street
New York
Tel: 212-228-2200

Ole Restaurant

Dir: 434 2nd Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-725-1953


Dir: 37 East 28th Street
New York
Tel: 212-213-2328

Stone Rose

Dir: 10 Columbus Circle
New York
Tel: 212-823-9770

Bella Onix Restaurant

Dir: Long Island City · 41-23 29th St
New York
Tel: 718-726-0609

Cafe Salamanca Restaurant

Dir: Jackson Heights · 79-05 Northern Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-458-2446

Caridad Restaurant

Dir: Corona · 100-02 Northern Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-478-5659

El Comal

Dir:Jamaica · 15000 Hillside Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-657-1929

El Familiar Restaurant

Dir: Jamaica · 13701 Jamaica Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-739-3124

El Olivo Restaurant

Dir: Astoria · 21-15 31st Street
New York
Tel: 718-932-4040

El Patio Restaurant

Dir:  Corona · 100-14 Northern Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-446-4622

El Rey Restaurant

Dir: Jamaica · 15000 Hillside Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-206-0614

El Rumbero

Dir: Jackson Heights · 82-05 Northern Blvd
New York
Tel:  718-803-3125

El Siviri Restaurant

Dir: Corona · 100-11 37th Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-505-8655

Estrella Del Mar Bar-restaurant

Dir: Ridgewood · 55-50 Myrtle Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-456-7498

Family Pizza & Restaurrant

Dir: Jamaica · 114-02 Sutphin Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-845-6127

Jennifer Restaurant

Dir: Jamaica · 153-41 Hillside Ave
New York
Tel: 718-523-1551

La Cazuela Restaurant

Dir: Corona · 106-16 Northern Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-397-8924

La Colonial Restaurant

Dir: Jamaica · 178-23 Jamaica Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-558-4470

La Perrada De Chalo

Dir: Jackson Heights · 83-12 Northern Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-639-6677

Las Embajadas Restaurant

Dir: Elmhurst · 94-12 Corona Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-760-1034

Los Toldos Restaurant

Dir: Jackson Heights · 84-01 Northern Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-565-7540

Marbella Restaurant

Dir: Bayside · 220-33 Northern Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-423-0100

Meson Asturias Restaurant

Dir: Elmhurst · 40-12 83rd Street
New York
Tel: 718-446-9154

Natives Restaurant Theatre & Bar

Dir: Jackson Heights · 82-22 Northern Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-335-0780

Sangria Tapas Bar And Restaurant

Dir: Jamaica · 95-41 Sutphin Blvd.
New York
Tel: 718-291-7488

The Chicken Hawk

Dir: Jamaica · 138-59 Queens Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-206-1118

El Coqui

Dir: Staten Island · 35 Victory Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-662-3726

El Pollo

Dir: Staten Island · 560 Richmond Rd
New York
Tel: 718-815-4928

El Pollo II Restaurant

Dir: Staten Island · 4168 Victory Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-698-4272


Dir: Staten Island · 833 Annadale Rd
New York
Tel: 718-966-4040

Honduras Patio Restaurant

Dir: Staten Island · 194 Bay Street
New York
Tel: 718-816-4429

M & K

Dir: Staten Island · 190 Bay Street
New York
Tel: 718-981-7182

Punto Y Coma

Dir: Staten Island · 1198 Forest Ave
New York
Tel: 718-727-5587

Real Madrid

Dir: Staten Island · 2075 Forest Ave
New York
Tel: 718-447-7885


Dir: 417 Lafayette Street
New York
Tel: 212-777-8443

Sangria 46

Dir: 338 West 46th Street
New York
Tel: 212-581-8482

Sabor En Casa

Dir: 1727 2nd Avenue
New York
Tel: -

Amsterdam Restaurant & Tapas Lounge

Dir: 1207 Amsterdam Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-662-6330

El Tina #2

Dir: 511 West 125th Street
New York
Tel: 212-864-7795

Toro Restaurant

Dir:  Brooklyn · 1 Front Street
New York
Tel: 718-625-0300

Zipi Zape

Dir: Brooklyn · 152 Metropolitan Ave
New York
Tel: 718-599-3027


Dir: Brooklyn · 234 4th Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-246-4635


Dir: Brooklyn · 7410 3rd Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-748-0770

Rosa Maria Restaurant

Dir: Brooklyn · 216 Wyckoff Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-497-3978

Rosa Maria Restaurant

Dir: Brooklyn · 216 Wyckoff Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-497-3978

Palma's Restaurant

Dir: Brooklyn · 247 Starr Street
New York
Tel: 718-386-3861

Mi Parador Restaurant

Dir: Brooklyn · 920 Broadway
New York
Tel: 718-602-6160

Mi Candileja

Dir: Brooklyn · 1509 Mermaid Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-266-2467

Las Palmas Restaurant

Dir: Brooklyn · 492 Grand Street
New York
Tel: 718-782-1696

La Gran Cabana Restaurant

Dir: Brooklyn · 1006 Flushing Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-386-4768

La Bamba Food Corp.

Dir: Brooklyn · 214 Knickerbocker Ave
New York
Tel: 718-366-0122

New York Botanical Garden

New York Botanical Garden

Located in Bronx, New York City, the New York Botanical Garden is one of the major and best reputed botanical gardens in the United States. The Garden is a museum of world...

Times Square

Times Square

Times Square is the intersection of Broadway and the 7th Avenue in Manhattan. It is an area of several blocks that make up the western part of the commercial area of Midtown Manhattan. It...

Empire State

Empire State

Even though we have watched numerous films in which the Empire State Building is destroyed by a variety of different characters (such as King Kong and the Aliens on Independence Day), it...

Central Park

Central Park

Located in the heart of Manhattan, the Central Park is the most visited park in the United States and one of the most famous in the World. Its picturesque landscape of...

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