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Seafood Restaurants NY

The Pearl Room

Dir: Brooklyn · 8201 3rd Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-833-6666

River Cafe

Dir: Brooklyn · 1 Water Street
New York
Tel: 718-522-5200

Bob Laws

Dir: Brooklyn · 637 Vanderbilt Ave
New York
Tel: 718-789-4060


Dir: Brooklyn · 5908 Avenue North
New York
Tel: 718-531-8811


Dir: Brooklyn · 2710 Emmons Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-769-3322

Little D

Dir: Brooklyn · 434 7th Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-369-3144


Dir: Brooklyn · 2017 Emmons Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-615-0010

Red Lobster

Dir: Brooklyn · 455 Gateway Drive
New York
Tel: 718-964-2057

Regina Restaurant

Dir: Brooklyn · 8305 3rd Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-680-4650

Rlnconslxto Dorado Restaurant

Dir: Brooklyn · 296 Knickerbocker Ave
New York
Tel: 718-628-4253

Tamboril Restaurant and Lounge

Dir: Brooklyn · 527 Myrtle Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-622-5130

Toro Restaurant

Dir: Brooklyn · 1 Front Street
New York
Tel: 718-625-0300

East Tremont Buffet

Dir: 3229 East Tremont Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-792-6455

J & D Caribbean Soul Fish & Chips Restaurant

Dir: 2457 Webster Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-584-8431

Red Lobster

Dir: 2090 Bartow Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-671-4223

Cornelia Street Cafe

Dir: 29 Cornelia Street
New York
Tel: 212-989-9319

Steak Frites

Dir: 9 East 16th Street
New York
Tel: 212-463-7101

The Mermaid Inn

Dir: 96 2nd Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-674-5870

Garage Restaurant and Cafe

Dir: 99 Seventh Avenue South
New York
Tel: 212-645-0600

One If by Land Two If by Sea

Dir: 17 Barrow Street
New York
Tel: 212-228-0822

Uncle Nick's West Village

Dir: 569 Hudson Street
New York
Tel: 212-206-3951

Hurricane Island

Dir: 1303 Third Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-717-6600

Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar

Dir: 101 Second Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-979-1012

Mary's Fish Camp

Dir: 64 Charles Street
New York
Tel: 646-486-2185

Pearl Oyster Bar

Dir: 18 Cornelia Street
New York
Tel: 212-691-8211

80 West

Dir: White Plains · 80 W. Red Oak Ln
New York
Tel: 914-696-7787


Dir: Port Chester · 102 Fox Island Rd
New York
Tel: 914-939-4227

Legal Sea Foods

Dir: White Plains · 5 Mamaroneck Ave
New York
Tel: 914-390-9600

Ruby's Oyster Bar and Bistro

Dir: Rye · 45 Purchase Street
New York
Tel: 914-921-4166

Morton's The Steakhouse White Plains

Dir: 9 Maple Avenue
New York
Tel: 914-683-6101

J&D Tasty Fish and Chips

Dir: Mount Vernon · 17 W. Prospect Ave
New York
Tel: 914-699-4290

Bobby Van's Steakhouse

Dir: 25 Broad Street
New York
Tel: 212-344-8463

Bouley Bakery Restaurant

Dir: 120 West Broadway
New York
Tel: 212-964-2525

Capital Grille

Dir: 120 Broadway
New York
Tel: 212-374-1811


Dir: 85 Tenth Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-400-6699

Fresh Restaurant

Dir: 105 Reade Street
New York
Tel: 212-406-1900


Dir: 290 Hudson Street
New York
Tel: 212-989-6410

Lure Fishbar Restaurant

Dir: 142 Mercer
New York
Tel: 212-431-7676


Dir: 198 8th Ave. and 20th St
New York
Tel: 212-675-7522

Avra Estiatorio

Dir: 141 East 48th Street
New York
Tel: 212-759-8550


Dir: 100 East 53rd Street
New York
Tel: 212-751-4840

Bull and Bear at the Waldorf Astoria

Dir: 49th St. & Lexington Ave
New York
Tel: 212-872-4900


Dir: 55 East 54th Street
New York
Tel: 212-759-5941


Dir: 837 Second Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-687-2953

The Capital Grille

Dir: 155 East 42nd Street
New York
Tel: 212-953-2000

The Four Seasons

Dir: 99 East 52nd Street
New York
Tel: 212-754-9494

The Palm - NYC Too

Dir: 840 Second Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-697-5198

Tropica Restaurant

Dir: 200 Park Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-867-6767

Wave Sushi At Caviar Russe

Dir: 538 Madison Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-980-5908

BLT Fish Bistro Laurent Tourondel

Dir: 111 East 22nd Street
New York
Tel: 212-995-8500

Blue Water Grill

Dir: 31 Union Square West
New York
Tel: 212-675-9500

Docks Oyster Bar and Seafood Grill

Dir: 633 Third Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-986-8080

Gramercy 24

Dir: 323 3rd Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-532-1766

Salmon River

Dir: 3 East 40th Street
New York
Tel: 212-481-7887

Sea Grill

Dir: 19 West 49th Street
New York
Tel: 212-332-7610


Dir: 340 Lexington Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-953-3282

Fatty Crab

Dir: Manhattan · 643 Hudson Street
New York
Tel: 212-352-3590

City Crab & Seafood Company

Dir: 235 Park Avenue South
New York
Tel: 212-529-3800

The Water Club

Dir: The E. River at 30th St
New York
Tel: 212-683-3333

Cara Mia

Dir: 654 9th Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-262-6767

Croton Reservoir Tavern

Dir: 108 West 40th Street
New York
Tel: 212-997-6835

Nick & Stef's

Dir: 9 Penn Plaza
New York
Tel: 212-563-4444

Palm West

Dir: 250 West 50th Street
New York
Tel: 212-333-7256

Estiatorio Milos Restaurant

Dir: 125 West 55th Street
New York
Tel: 212-245-7400

Le Bernardin

Dir: 155 West 51st Street
New York
Tel: 212-554-1515

Hudson's Ribs & Fish

Dir: Fishkill · 1099 Route 9
New York
Tel: 845-297-5002

Bonefish Grill

Dir: Poughkeepsie · 2185 South Road
New York
Tel: 845-432-7507

Gadaleto's Seafood Market & Restaurant

Dir: New Paltz · 246 Main Street
New York
Tel: 845-255-1717

Mariner's on the Hudson

Dir: Highland · 46 River Road
New York
Tel: 845-849-9065

Red Lobster

Dir: Poughkeepsie · 2255 South Road
New York
Tel: 845-462-4301


Dir: Poughkeepsie · Route 9 At The Traffic Cir
New York
Tel: 845-339-3500

Red Lobster

Dir: Middletown · 450 Route 211 East
New York
Tel: 845-343-3228

Lenny's Clam Bar and Restaurant

Dir: Queens · 161-03 Crossbay Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-845-5100

London Lennies

Dir: Rego Park · 63-88 Woodhaven Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-894-8084

Uncle Jack's Steakhouse - Queens

Dir: Bayside · 39-40 Bell Boulevard
New York
Tel: 718-229-1100


Dir: 187-30 Jamaica Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-468-4100

Broadway Seafood Restaurant

Dir: Elmhurst · 86-22 Broadway
New York
Tel: 718-205-5523

Erawan Seafood And Steak

Dir: Bayside · 213-41 39th Avenue
New York
Tel: 718-229-1620

Fish House

Dir: Long Island City · 47-42nd St
New York
Tel: 718-482-7588

Fortune Seafood Restaurant

Dir: Elmhurst · 83-34 Broadway
New York
Tel: 718-639-3366

Halstead Avenue Bistro

Dir: Mamaroneck · 123 Halstead Ave
New York
Tel: 914-777-1181

First Edition

Dir: 4108 Bell Boulevard
New York
Tel: 718-428-8522

South Fin Grill

Dir: Staten Island · 300 Father Capodanno Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-447-7679

Lobster House Joe's

Dir: Staten Island · 1898 Hylan Blvd
New York
Tel: 718-667-0003

Umberto's Clam House

Dir: 386 Broome Street
New York
Tel: 212-431-7545


Dir: Staten Island · 202 Mansion Ave
New York
Tel: 718-608-1900

The Marina Cafe

Dir: Staten Island · 154 Mansion Ave
New York
Tel: 718-967-3077

Blue Fin

Dir: 1567 Broadway at 47th St
New York
Tel: 212-918-1400


Dir: 402 West 43 Street
New York
Tel: 212-564-7272

Atlantic Grill

Dir: 1341 Third Ave. at 77th St
New York
Tel: 212-988-9200

Tony's Di Napoli

Dir: 1606 2nd Avenue
New York
Tel:  212-861-8686

Trata Estiatorio

Dir: 1331 2nd Avenue
New York
Tel: 212-535-3800

New York Botanical Garden

New York Botanical Garden

Located in Bronx, New York City, the New York Botanical Garden is one of the major and best reputed botanical gardens in the United States. The Garden is a museum of world...

Times Square

Times Square

Times Square is the intersection of Broadway and the 7th Avenue in Manhattan. It is an area of several blocks that make up the western part of the commercial area of Midtown Manhattan. It...

Empire State

Empire State

Even though we have watched numerous films in which the Empire State Building is destroyed by a variety of different characters (such as King Kong and the Aliens on Independence Day), it...

Central Park

Central Park

Located in the heart of Manhattan, the Central Park is the most visited park in the United States and one of the most famous in the World. Its picturesque landscape of...

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