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Ten tips for a great trip to NYC

Join our tips for a great trip to NYC

Enjoy people-watching: New Yorkers have a particular high-pace in their life. They do not sit for breakfast but take it to go or standing on the cafes. They run in and out of the metros. While on the streets, they do not wear their fancy shoes, but go to the office on suit and sneakers and only change into shoes once there; so practical!
Tour the neighborhoods. Each area has its own magic. From the southern end of Manhattan, close to the harbor, you can visit the place where the Twin Towers used to be located. Not so far from there you have the typical Chinatown, posh Soho and cute Little Italy. 
Take some time to tour the museums. The museums in New York are amazing! Everything is thought to be entertaining and interactive. People of all ages can have fun while they see and learn in the different museums. No matter where is your hotel in New York, museums and art galleries are almost everywhere.
Take a stroll on the Central Park. It is amazing how such a great green area can coexist with a big city full of buildings. You can walk around the ponds, enjoy nature, find the hidden spots, and will most likely see at list one wedding couple taking pictures. Also the nannies are seen there quite often taking young New Yorkers out for some fresh air. People walking dogs are all over the Central Park as well. A hotel next to Central Park is worthwhile. 
Visit the American Museum of National History. Especially if you are with children, seeing the set ups in which animals are displayed will fascinate them. And of course, the giant skeleton of a dinosaur in the hall is amazing! There are frequent exhibitions on dinosaurs as well, enjoyable by people of all ages.
Do not fall in tourist traps. In New York City, as well as all over in the United States, tourism is a well-managed industry in which almost everything can be turned into an attraction. You do not need to see it all; you probably just want to see what’s best according to your interests and preferences.
Go up and down the Guggenheim. This museum has a very interesting spiral architecture that is an icon of the 20th century, and a masterpiece of Frank Lloyd Wright. The museum itself houses a collection of impressionist, post-impressionist and early modern art, which you can see while you go up and down the spiral.
Go shopping! The famous 5th avenue has the main store of several American owned chains. You can go to the most glamorous stores, or to the usual ones you find in the malls. All windows and interiors are especially beautiful on this street. Also Department Stores like well-known Macy’s have their main store in New York City.
Take the free ferry on the Southern Harbor, close to Battery Park. It is public transportation to the Islands and will offer you great views of the Statue of Liberty… at no extra cost!
Splurge on a Broadway show. If you are lucky, you can get last-minute discount tickets. Go see a play or a musical, and after that suck up the atmosphere in Times Square, which gets very crowded at night. You will not regret it!


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