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Navigating Your Way Around New York City

Out of all the numerous cities in the United States of America, no one can deny that the Big Apple or New York City is a dream destination for a lot of people all over the world. Every year, tourists flock to this city in search of accommodations during their stay and they can choose from inns, hostels, hotels and apartments in New York. 

What to Know Before Your New York Trip

New York never calls it a day because it never sleeps and this is especially true about Manhattan. Times Square and Broadway are just two of the most popular spots in the area. The city actually enjoys 4 seasons: summer, fall, spring and winter. It’s highly recommended to time your visit from fall to spring although the city is charming irrespective of the season. 

A Quick Peek in NYC’s Shopping District

Being one of the fashion capitals in the world, you will find a lot of shops in the city. The best place to shop in famous retail boutiques is in 5th Avenue which is between 59th and 50th street. You can visit Tiffany and browse through their selection of diamonds. Other notable shops include Modish Henri Bendel, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue.
The huge art deco building which houses the globally acclaimed Bloomingdale’s is at 3rd avenue at 59th street. Madison Avenue at 72nd and 61st Street is strewn with designer clothes while Nolita’s Mott and Elizabeth streets are just the place for clothes by upcoming designers.

What To See in New York

For people who are visiting the city for the first time, the green belt of the city, Central Park is a top spot. The Empire State Building’s observatory deck is another spot to visit, you get to see the cityscape from your perch and on clear days, you even get to see as far as Connecticut and Pennsylvania.
The iconic Metropolitan Museum of Art is another stop that you have to make, be sure to drop by the Roman and Greek galleries. If you have seen a lot of Hollywood movies, you would surely be crazy if you miss Time Square with its towering buildings and flashing neon lights then, then there’s Brooklyn Bridge which is as much aofan icon as the Empire State Building. A cruise around the most popular statue in the world, Lady Liberty, should be part of your trip and be sure to add Ellis Island to your itinerary.

If you have enough time, visit Coney Island. When you step into the island, you will feel as if you were transported to another world. While here, don’t miss the roller coaster. Tarrytown’s Hike Rockefeller State Park Preserve which is open all year round is also a good place to stop by. The town adjacent to Tarrytown is actually the village where the gothic story, Sleepy Hollow, was set.

Nightlife in the Big Apple

As the city never sleeps, you can rest assured that nightlife is never drab while you’re here. You can get a wide selection of awesome cocktails in the Breslin, a classy bar and restaurant which is connected to the Ace Hotel. Another stop for a hip atmosphere is the Polynesian club/ restaurant/ lounge known as the Hurricane Club where cocktails are served in small daiquiri glasses or coconut shells.
The Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Terminal is hard to find but it’s the perfect place to cram a cocktail while commuting. For a taste of history, McSorley’s Old Ale House is just the place but be reminded that they only serve ale in two varieties, dark and light. You have to stop by this place and take a swing of the foaming half mug. While at the bar, slip the barman a tip upfront, 10 bucks can go a long way.

When in New York, do what New Yorkers do. This means ignoring celebrities which you might rub elbows with while in the city. You can also stare at people as much as you want except on the subway where eye contact is one of the worst ideas. Needless to say, planning your stops can help you cover the area faster but being spontaneous would also be a great adventure.

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